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Against Venezuela, the USMNT did not show its best game

Both teams came from defeats and this was their last game before their respective continental tournaments. After a bad performance against Jamaica, USA wanted to wash his face, on the other side Venezuela after a defeat against Mexico, wanted a good performance against a tough rival. Result? 3 Venezuelan goals in the first half.

What Berhalter proposes?

In the defense-attack transition, a line of 3 was formed in the back with Lima going forward a few meters on the left side. Trapp a few meters in front of the center backs trying to lead the buildup, but the Venezuelan had him very well referenced cutting his pass line. Trapp lacked of mobility to generate a clear connection to receive, that's why it was Roldán moved behind the Venezuelan midfielder, especially Rincon, to give a clear buildup that was not with a long ball Miazga had more responsibility than Long in that aspect, and in the 2nd half, Zimmerman was in charge. His diagonal passes looking for Arriola were not effective.

Wide fullbacks. Trapp being marked. 5 USA players without space to receive the ball.

On the offensive side, they were a wide team. They used the right side as their strong side, looking for Lima to cross low, looking to take advantage of the elusive Zardes. They were ineffective but generated several corner kicks, although they did not generate much danger in them. On the left, Arriola sought to distance between the lateral and the center, without much success since they were aware to close it in the diagonal passes or centers to the 2nd stick.

It seems that Berhalter wants Roldán to be his Federico Higuaín of the Columbus Crew, his number 10, a hook that moves across the attack front, that passes the ball with the intention of generating danger, filtering between defenders, who dribble, who get spaces in low block defenses and move the ball in the counter-attacks. Roldan does not have those characteristics so for his bad game was not his fault, I blame Berhalter.

The subs did not make much difference. Both Altidore and Zardes did not have a good chance. Altidore with a better body to fight balls to the center backs but without much success. But his entry did show something different when he set back to connect in short with the midfielders.

In the attack-defense transition, it is seen that Berhalter has not yet hit the key. The team was far behind at the time of losing the ball, especially Trapp, which gave space to the Venezuelans to generate counterattacks as in the 3rd goal. Errors in coverage and slow reaction were constant, as in the 2nd goal. And a serious error in Steffen's departure generated the 1st. Roldán looked weird pressing next to the striker', generally he defended like a double 6. The midfield needs a Tyler Adams that covers the ground, that tries to take the ball, that is aggressive and that not only tries to bother.

Slow reaction when Rondon moved out of his position. Big space that no one covered.

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