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The football story that looks fiction

In sport there are also happy endings like in Disney movies. A team that slip the qualification in the last match, but that by a war just 10 days before the beginning of the tournament, they got in. With the best player in the history of the country fought with the coach. With the daughter of one of his best players with cancer in a hospital. And with all the press of the country against the coach. They still won what is the most important achievement in the history of Denmark.

I think I did not ruin the end to anyone, which is like not knowing before the movie that the Titanic was going to sink. That Eurocup 1992 is a story that every football fans should heard at least once. And it is mentioned every time the small team beats the big team, Eurocup 2004 with Greece or Leicester 2016. A real life story that looks like a Hollywood script. In this case the film is not from USA, not even English. The film is Danish, because nobody knows history like those who lived it.

The film focuses on the coach, Richard Møller Nielsen, whom they paint as the victim for the press and federation, stubborn, studious, with leadership problems but he manages to get their players to do what he wants. At the end, the players loved him. Sure, everyone loves you when you're a champion. Even Michael Laudrup (considered the best player in the history of Denmark, even above Gravensen), with whom he has problems and this moves away from the national team loved at the end.

It shows how was the coexistence of the team in that summer of '92, training, conversations and the ways as the coach and his assistant sought to get the best out of the players and face the games. You see the pressure that was on the part of the media towards Richard and his strange way of making analogies, like his mother's corset.

But not everything is football, in fact quoting Møller "after all, it's just football". The human side is the story of Kim Vilfort, whose daughter is shown at the hospital with cancer. Fortunately the Eurocup was in Sweden (near Denmark), but I won’t tell that side of the story because it would ruin the part of the film that make me cry.

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