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This is the team's edition, next I will post the player's edition.

love to dig into stats, I can spend hours watching and taking fun facts about it. After the decision day, I have been filling spreadsheets and reading about interesting data. Here they are shockings and not shocking facts about some stats:

  • Shots - shots against per game:

    • Not shocking: LAFC is the best one in this department with +8.2. It was the team with more shots per game and the one that allows less. So of course, is the team with more goals and less goal against.

    • Shocking: Sporting Kansas City. They have +1.1 shots per game, but they have -18 on goal difference. Or they took the wrong shots or they allow really good shots. His goalkeeper, Tim Melia, was the 6th on saves % with 64.2, so it was not because he had a bad season, he was a middle to top goalkeeper according to at least until September 3rd.

    • Vela+Rossi goals:

      • Not shocking: Vela with 32 + Rossi with 18, scored 50 goals total, that is more than 9 teams

      • Shocking: They have more goals than 2 teams on playoffs: their 50 goals are more than DC United (42) and Real Salt Lake (46) and tie with New England Revs. And if we add Diomande goals in total is 58 goals, which are more than 9 teams in playoffs and tie with other 3.

    • Fouls, Shots, and shots against per minute: A little twist with of classics stats like shots and fouls, and the evolution, shots per game. This one involves the possession of the teams. For example, LAFC had 57.1% ball possession, which means that they had the ball around 54.62 minutes and their opponent 41.38 minutes if we consider a game last 96 minutes. With that in mind, I broke down those stats per minute:

      • Not shocking: Portland 3rd team with most fouls committed per minute, they have Chara and Guzman like their double center midfielder for half of the season.

      • Shocking: NYCFC on the top of the table with more fouls per minute than a team that had Chara and Guzman like their double center midfielder for half of the season. Their high ball possession and the tactical foul strategy, just like Guardiola does in Manchester City, made them the team with most fouls per minute when they do not have the ball. 

      • Not shocking: Cincinnatti with the worst shot per minute. It was a hard 1st season in the league, I won’t go deeper.

      • Shocking: When you think about a good offense in the MLS you just do not think about Colorado but in fact, they were the most effective team this season in shots per minute. They moved the ball really quick to get in a good position to score.

      • Not shocking: Vancouver with more shots against per minutes, they were the one who allowed more shots against and their possession were one of the lowest in the league.

      • Shocking: DC United with 2nd most shots against per minute and at the same time the teams with 2nd lowest goal against. In other words, they allowed a lot of shots but they figured it out to allowed very few goals.

      I tried and check several combinations in graphics trying to find a correlation between points and different stats, some of them really obvious have no correlation but just for fun, I did it anyway, like possession, shots on target, shots - shots against, long balls accuracy, shots inside of the box… and a couple more.

      In the end, I could not find any correlation between them. Probably because soccer is a multidimensional game, there is not a MOST important stat, but they are fun, at least for me.

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