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The player´s edition

This is the 2nd part about shocking and NOT that shocking stats about the 2019 MLS season. Now it is time to talk (write) about the player's stats and their weight on their teams.

Goal weight on their teams:

  • NOT shocking: Vela + Rossi scored 58% of Los Angeles FC goals. 50 out of 85 in total. The top scorer and the 4th on the league. Pretty much every team would depend on any of these to be their top player in the front.

  • NOT shocking: No Zlatan, no goal for LA Galaxy, 51.7% of goals were scored by the Swedish. Antuna with 6 was the 2nd scorer of the team. I really like both of these stats but both were not shocking.

Aerial duels:

  • NOT shocking: it is easier to win an Aerial duel when you are a defender. The % success leader were defenders. Zlatan in the spot 24th is the first NOT defender on the table. Watson with 79.7% is the league leader.

  • Shocking: 3 out of the 4 players with most aerial duels are NYRB strikers. Barlow, White lead the stats, with Sapong and then BWP. Maybe Chris Armas should reconsider his game style, his team was the worst in long ball accuracy. Or change the strikers or passers.


  • NOT shocking: Ilsinho is the league leader in dribbles per game, with more than 3 dribbles from his next contender. 13 dribbles per game, Ilshinho is not a starter, Jim Curtis uses him when he needs more dynamic against really tight defenses.

  • Shocking: Pavon is not only the 3rd with most dribbling per game, but he is also the 3rd on assists per game. He knows how to create chances from his dribbling skills. Another number 10 from South America that helped his team to get to playoffs, like Lodeiro with Seattle in 2016, Bou with New England this season. 


  • NOT shocking: Center midfielders are the ones with most passes per game. Atuesta, Bradley, Fraser, Mendez, dos Santos...

  • Shocking: Liam Fraser made more passes per game than Bradley. We can say that the student overcomes the master. The Canadian is the successor of the American midfielder in Toronto, he played only when Bradley was not in the roster and he did really well in the passing department, even with a similar % accuracy


  • NOT shocking: Zlatan again, he represents 38% of the Galaxy shots with 4.47 per game, 2nd after Vela with 4.83 representing 30.55% of LAFC shots.

  • Shocking: Marcos Fabían shoots 34.41% of Philadelphia shots per game. Kind of high for the 2nd scorer of the team with half of the goals as Przybylko (7 vs 15)

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