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And what could change for the Orlando's tournament

In the last few years, MLS teams have been more open to signing foreign coaches, something that was rare a few years ago, now we are seeing names like De Boer, Stamps, Delia, Almeyda and, Henry, not only in the new expansion teams but also in traditional MLS teams. One of them is the Chicago Fire, which signed the young swiss coach Raphael Wicky, with experience coaching in the UEFA Champions League round of 16. That’s why I wanted to analyze what he showed in the only 2 games he could coach before the lockdown and what could change in the new tournament that the MLS is going to play in Orlando. 


Formation and line-up.

A clear 1-4-1-4-1 that he repeated in both games. Bornstein coming back to the MLS after 10 years, his previous team in the league was Chivas USA, in the left-back. The center backs were the same as last season, Calvo and Kappelhof, with the Costa Rican with more responsibilities during the build. Bronico in his 4th season with the team as a right-back. Mauricio Pineda playing his 1st minutes in the MLS, as a Center Midfielder (CM), with Medran (new player) and Herbers as advance center midfielders, with Mihailovic and Frankowski as wingers. Upfront a new signing, the Slovenian Beric.