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The young player was one of the best players in the Apertura 2019 of the Venezuelan league.

Luis Guerra, 22, is a skillful attacking midfielder that can play as a winger or in the center. After some seasons without playing enough, finally, in this 2019, he could find a team that trusts his talent and be in the starting line up all season. In the first half of the season, he scored 6 goals and delivered 5 assists in 1684 minutes, which is 0.58 goals+assist every 90 minutes during the Apertura 2019. He also on average dribbles 9 times per 90 minutes with 57% of success.

His long-range shooting makes him a threat if he has space to shoot outside of the box. Luis owns a good speed with his body and brain to have long progressive runs. He can lead the quick transitions from own half to the final third. His vision and good techniques to pass are impressive and really helpful to assist the teammate that is making the run to the open space.

Although he is best skills are offensive, he is also a good player when becomes to support the defenders. He moves all the way to back to help the full-back if he has to, but also can pressure really quick as soon as his team lost possession. 

This could be Luis Guerra's breakthrough season, with only 22 years old he is young and still can keep improves on his decision making and use his ability to dribble to be more dangerous in the final third. Luis seems to be ready for his next step in his career and plays in a better league.

Scouting video from Luis Guerra:

A better view from his stats in this 2019:

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