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The attitude change in his 2nd season in the MLS has seen an obvious improvement

The team from the US capital, DC United, the current leader in the Eastern Conference, did not make many changes from last season. Only Jara as right back (due to Fisher's injury and the non-renewal of De León) and Lucas Rodríguez for Asad, are the changes with respect to the starting line up from 2018. They also had a change but was on the attitude of one of their players, and that of the Venezuelan Junior Moreno.

The midfielder, partner with Canouse, is shown more confidence, asking more the ball, showing supportive to his teammates, he does not hide from the spotlight. In his position as a center midfielder on the left, seek to be the support of the center back in the build-up, placing himself as a 3rd center back when the pressure is very high and neither Birnbaum nor Brilliant have wide passes. When they overcome the lines of pressure, the Venezuelan moves forward and seeks to connect with Acosta, Rodriguez, and Mora, making use of his vision and precision at the time of making passes. One of his favorite moves is the 1-2, being the one who makes the second pass, usually to space and not to the foot.

Last year DC United had a bad first half of the season, with many away games and several injuries, such as Junior's partner in the midfielder, Canouse. In the second half of the season, with most of his games in his new home, Audi Field, and designated player Wayne Rooney managed to overcome and get into the playoff. This year with a normal schedule (1 home game and 1 away game) and with all players available, DC United has achieved results that place it at the head of the Eastern Conference with 6 wins, 2 draws and 3 losses. This improvement is partly due to this new role of Junior in the field, improving the circulation of the ball at the moment of the rival pressure and its high percentage of success in passes.

And all these offensive improvements have not affected their defensive numbers this year, being fundamental in the high pressure made by the team led by Ben Olsen and running back when the team is overcome in some counterattack. The number of interceptions, balls recovered in the opponent half are still as high as last year.


On the other hand, his partner, Canouse, remains the same as in 2018.

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