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Flemmings has been one of the best players on the 2019 season of the USL Championship, leading his team to the top of the table.

The 18 winning games streak (and counting) has a lot to do with Junior Flemmings good season. His characteristic fit perfectly to the Phoenix Rising game style, and the connection with Asante, the other winger, has been working perfectly. 

Flemming knows his strengths every time he can, and take advantage of the open space behind the defenders. He uses his pace to dribble defender in open space and then make the decision to pass, cross or shoot depending on his position on the field. For example, as a right winger he can cross long balls to the striker, but when he is on the left, and because he is right footed, he tries to cut inside to shoot, but in case he can not use his right foot, he is able to pass and assists with his left foot. He can play both sides.

Without the ball, he also uses his pace to high press the receiver and tries to steal the ball just after the first touch of the opponent, and as soon as he recovers the ball he starts the transition with progressive runs to the final third.

Flemmings can be a good fit for a team that plays counterattack and high pressing, with quick transitions and a playmaker that can launch through passes so 'flemmo' can run to the open space behind the defenders.

He has got more mature on his decisions and a more efficient player in the last couple of years, as you can see on the next graphics.

He has not varied the number of passes, shots or dribbles significantly, but the successful % of those actions have been getting better the last 3 years, improving his effectiveness, showing a good development of his decisions.

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