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How the Chilean affect the Sporting Kansas city game style

Sporting Kansas City is one of the most stable teams in MLS with 3 midfielders in a 4-3-3 formation. Illie is a midfielder formed in La Masía, good touch, Espinoza is the engine, the veteran with the physical play. They were missing the left midfielder that balance the team, last season was Feilhaber, this season they decided to change it for the Chilean Felipe Gutiérrez.

The characteristics of the Chilean are his good technique to the first touch, game vision for passing in short and long, good height, good positioning in defense and attack. Not in vain the teams where Felipe has played are good treatment to the ball, hence his good adaptation to Kansas. He gives the team the long distance shots Feilhaber had, a resource against teams defends close to the goalkeeper. The fast switch sides to surprise the rival or to leave a teammate in favorable position for 1vs1. Long passes when it is necessary to verticalize and build the counter attack, in addition to his good high pressure. And that's the next video, his contributions to Sporting Kansas this season.

In the first month and a half of competition, Sporting obtained 72.22% of points with the Chilean on the pitch. After Felipe got injured, they had 57.57% of the points in dispute, they went down in the table coming out of the top 2 that guarantees them semifinals of conference. And when he returned from injury they went back up to 66.66% and now they are leaders in the table again. His influence in the team shows not only in the effectiveness in points but also in the fluidity of the game. Without it, the Kansas gets a little thick.

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