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One of the best talents in Inter Miami. Skilful winger, with awareness and pace.

Edison Alexander Azcona Vélez

21 November 2003

La Romana, Dominican Republic

1.68 m (5 ft 6 in)


Other nationality: USA

Club Internacional de fútbol Miami


Great control and 1st touch. Able to received and turn. Really good dribbler, really skillful. He can dribble to both sides. He uses both of his feet. He fakes with his body orientation to the defenders when he passes and dribbles. He is still young and he is going to get better at dribbling.


Good awareness when his team has the ball and without. Turns his head before receiving the pass. Good defensive awareness, drop back when he has to. Good pressuring and closing down opponents in the opposite half. A fighter even when his body does not help him.


He links with the defenders and center midfielders dropping. He moves to the center when the full-back overlaps and when the strikers move to the wide-area or drop back. He makes forward runs to the space behind the defenders. He locks for the channel between fullback and center-back. When his team is without the ball he helps a lot in defense, pressuring high on the field when he or a close teammate loses the ball, and dropping back really quick when his team losses the ball far away from him. He makes good recovery runs. 


His low height helps him to turn his body quickly and to dribble changing directions quicker thanks to his low mass center. He is quick, good acceleration. He should improve his stamina.

Decision making

He recognizes when to make the run behind the defenders. Sometimes he looks like he slows down the play but just after that he dribbles and shot/assists and adds pace to the play. He is good at recognizing when and where to dribble and when to pass. He understands when to press high to re-gain the ball and when to drop back and helps the fullback.


Last year Edison played with Fort Lauderdale, the 2nd team of Inter Miami, in the USL League 1. In that league, Edison showed that even at really young age he plays without fear, showed his dribbling abilities, awareness, and smart moves. Edison Azcona has the potential to become a top player in the MLS in the next 3 years, and after that, he will be able to a better league.

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