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Another Venezuelan playmaker

Darwin Matheus is one of the new generations of playmakers in Venezuela, just like Echeverria, Jean Franco Castillo, or Edanyilber Navas. He is a complete modern playmaker, he starts in wider areas and cuts the middle, posses vision for through balls, can finish plays, dribble and associate in reduced space. Darwin is the last hiding gem from Zamora, the same club which developed Soteldo (Santos, Brasil), Murillo (Tondela, Portugal), Ericson Gallardo (Toronto FC, MLS) among other young players like Makoun, Danny Pérez, Ronaldo Lucena, and before them Juan Falcón (Metz, France), Pedro Ramírez (FC Sion, Swiss). So, Zamora is a team well known for developing young players. His vision for through passes and to attack the space at the right time to score are his biggest strengths. Playing as an inverted winger on the right, he cuts to the middle to score or assists. He is not comfortable crossing the ball from the wide areas, that’s why he preferred going to the middle to try cross, something that is more like a through ball. When he crosses he tries to do it really close to the box. The Venezuelan has an almost magical timing to appear inside the box, which gives him the time and space to finish plays, even win aerial duels with his small height (166cm / 5’5’’). He uses his vision not only to assist but also to make runs at the right time and anticipate defenders or go behind their back and be the free man in front of the goal. He is the new breed of modern playmakers, like an inverted winger, but that not only gets the ball in finishing zone, but also helps in the creation zone, organizing the attack, using his vision in his own half. A player that his very vertical during the transitions, but can go down during the build-up. In the final third he is looking for the ball in the half-space, to assist or to make the run to finish the play. He is really smart in that area.

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