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The USL is a league that allow to grow to young players

Cristian Parano started slowly in his first season the USL but after the first 15 games without a goal or assists, he has scored 7 times and has 5 assists in his last 15 games. His adaptation to the league has been great for his team San Antonio, 7 out of the 11 wins of the team has been on those 15 games.

Parano has to prove been more than just a player that can take on defenders, his good shooting and technique to pass makes him a constant threat for the opponent. His dribbling skills are amazing, with a low gravity center that helps him to move and turn really quick like Messi o Aguero (with due respect).

One of the improvement points is to recognize teammates in better score position, especially when they are on the left side of his body, he tends to pass on the right side of his body orientation.

Still, with only 20 years old, Parano is an interesting project for the future.

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