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This could be one of the most important years in Chris short career

Chris Durkin is one of the great promises of American soccer. With only 19 years this could be his season to show that he can follow in the footsteps of Tyler Adams and make the leap to European soccer shortly. His technique to pass and take balls is superior to someone of his age, something that is important in his position.

Last year the matches that he played came due to the absence of the staring players or due to injury or the call to their national teams. His minutes on the pitch were limited when Russell Canouse and Junior Moreno were available. In the last 9 games of DC United he started in 3, and those were during FIFA dates when his teammates were with their countries.

Durkin will have 2 great opportunities this year, the first will be to represent USA in the world U20. Although he was not part of the team that achieved the classification, there is no doubt that Tab Ramos will have him for the appointment in Poland and his team has already shown in favor of his participation. His second big chance will come right after that, when his teammates and starters in his position at DC United, Canouse and Moreno go with their respective teams to the Gold Cup and Copa America. Both have been called regularly in recent FIFA dates. That without counting any injury or rotation that Olsen technician can perform.

More usual to the role of recovery center midfielder DC United, but with a past as central in the US U17 national team in the World Cup of India 2017. It is a midfielder who is located in the area in front of the central and moving wide if the fulbacks needs help. At the moment of recovering the ball, it seeks to generate a counterattack through passes. Rarely steps in the opponent's area, even in set pieces, as coach Olsen prefers to use his ability to anticipate to cut in case of a rival counter attack.

The most outstanding characteristics of Durkin are his technique and vision when passing. Despite his young age and experience he can pass balls very intelligently between rivals, as well as his 1st touch pass or long balls and vertical balls over the defense and into space for a teammate's run. Chris constantly moves his head over his shoulders scanning the field, which allows a clear picture when receiving the ball and passing or being well placed during defensive phase.

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