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Blaine took part in the U-17 US national team that got to the quarterfinals in the U17 World Cup

Blaine Ferri

September 29, 2000

Texas, USA

175cm / 5’9’’

77kg / 169lbs



Left footer


International U17 USA


Blaine took part in the U-17 US national team that got to the quarterfinals in the U17 World Cup India 2017. After that, he moved to Germany to play with the 2nd team of the Greuther Fürth for 2 seasons before coming back to the USA and sign with Fort Lauderdale, the 2nd team of the Inter de Miami. He is a left-footer box-to-box midfielder with great vision and technique to pass short and long-range. Very useful in the build-up moving between lines and middle channels. He fights for the ball and has no afraid to slide tackles.






Fort Lauderdale CF

USL League 1



Greuther Fürth II



Basic tasks

Receiving the ball: Scan the field before receiving. Good control. During the build-up, he tries to receive the ball between lines. When he is receiving with the goal in his back he turns if he has the chance, his good vision, and good technique make him good at this.

Retaining possession: He uses his body to retain the ball. He is a fighter and goes to the ground if needs to. He is good at holding the ball and passes when he has a chance or he gets foul. 2.03 fouls suffered per 90.

Linking-up: Good vision to pass the ball close or far away. He is creative with the passes. Good with long passes. His great vision helps him to make through passes. He gets behind the 1st pressure line of the opponents, helping the defender in the build-up. His passes sometimes are too risky but with good intentions to break the defensive line. 37.23 passes per 90 with 84.9% accuracy, 1.33 through passes 52.9% accuracy

Running with the ball: Good runs with the ball can dribble while he is running. Good acceleration but not very fast. He is good at carrying the ball forward in the counterattack. He attracts and passes. 1.56 progressive runs per 90.

Dribbling: He is able to dribble under pressure, he steps on the ball. Usually dribbles to his left, his stronger foot. 3.28 dribbles per 90 with 69% of success

End product: Definitely needs to get better in scoring and assisting. Only 0.62 shots per 90 and 0.94 shot assists, 0.07 xA per 90. He runs out of space when he is close to the box. He needs to find open areas to shot and pass because his left foot has quality, he just needs to find the space (get better in timing his runs) to do it close to the box.

Secondary tasks

Protecting the defense: When he is far away from the ball he does not drop back fast enough, which leaves the midfield unprotected.

Defending duels: He does not hesitate to slide tackle. He fights for the ball, he insists a lot when he is chasing an opponent with the ball. Not good enough in the aerial duels, he is not tall and does not have a good jump reach.

Closing down and pressing: He steps up the line and goes to pressure when he has the chance.

Recovery runs: He begins running too late when the ball is already in the area he supposed to be. When he pressures too high he does not return fast enough.

Set-pieces: He takes corners in swing and some free kicks in front of the box. He is a left-footer and that is why he takes them, but he needs to get better.


It is easy to tell that Ferri has a game vision and technique way above the average in the USL League 1. He could be a distributor of balls in any midfield in the USL Championship, with a chance to become an MLS player in the next 3 years if he gets his defensive movements together as well as his impetus of always trying to close down the defender, pressuring too high and, to get more scoring and assisting chances.

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