About Me

I'm engineer by profession, but fútbol (soccer) fan by passion.

More than 6 years of experience as a Quality Engineer (QA / QC) allowed me to develop the detail orientation, see what nobody sees and, above all, think differently about what everyone sees.

The experience as an engineer allows me to understand the use of advanced statistics for the analysis of the game and understand its importance to combine it with traditional scouting.

I have a "obduracy" rather than need to write my opinion about what I enjoy. That obduracy, plus the passion for fútbol that I share with some friends allowed me to found in 2012 LaHinchada.com.ve, a short-lived website analyzing Venezuelan fútbol. Since 2017 I also write for LaPizarraDelDT.com.

It is fútbol it’s the field where I write about fútbol, while I take my first steps as an analyst and scout, I do soccer courses, I learn about Python programming to apply it to soccer, I edit video about players and matches, I travel through the United States knowing stadiums, and ... well, in the meantime, anything related to football.

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